Racism didn’t just start last week. It’s been around for time and some of us have been doing the anti-racist work for years. So whilst we see these meaningless black insta squares, ask yourself how are you really helping? Who are you helping or are you just performing like everyone else. Ask yourself why are you only showing up now when it’s a sudden hashtag and a trend. Ask yourself where have you been before now. Ask yourself what are you going to do next. This is so much bigger than a one off event, #challenge, or trend. It’s a daily battle.
Consider why are our industries lacking Black representation? These little things add up over time. So instead of posting your black square and getting back to your normal, privileged, safe life, consider the company you work in. How many Black people are in it, in high positions too? Consider the business you run, how diverse is it? How do you as a consumer support Black-owned small businesses? How do you interact with Black people you encounter on a daily basis? Cause if you don’t consider these things posting your black squares means nothing and you’ve actually flooded the conversation with literally nothing but empty boxes.
Black lives matter today, tomorrow, infinitely.
Words: Radhika Mary